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Seattle Divorce – Proper Service

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Seattle Divorce – Proper Service

After all the necessary documents have been filed with the court, a copy of the documents must be served onto the other spouse, this is called service. In Washington State, legal documents must be given to the other party in a specific way, this is called proper service.

Generally, the documents must be filed with the court and handed to the other spouse.

A person who gives the documents to the other party, or spouse, cannot be a named party in the case. This means the filing spouse cannot give the divorce paperwork to the other spouse. The law requires the person who serves the other spouse to be over the age of eighteen or of suitable age.

If the other spouse cannot be found, or is avoiding service, additional steps are required in order to serve by mail or serve by publication.

Proper service is necessary in order to allow the case to proceed. Without proper service the Court may not be able to act or grant any requests and in some circumstances, the case may be dismissed.