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Seattle Divorce – Parenting Plan

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2019 | Firm News |

In Washington State, a parenting plan is typically a court order that a judge signs as part of another legal matter, such as divorce, legal separation, change of custody, or non-parent custody.

A parenting plan can determine when each parent will have time with the child, how much time, and who will make major decisions about the child. The plan may also determine how the parents will work out major disagreements.

After the Court has ordered a parenting plan both parents should follow what is prescribes. When one parent does not follow the parenting plan, the other parent can ask the court to find contempt. If a parent is found in contempt, the court can order make-up visitation time, jail time fines, or some other types of punishment.

Keep in mind, changing a final parenting plan is difficult to do, getting it right the first time may be worth it.