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Seattle Divorce – CR 2A Agreement

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When an agreement is reached, typically after mediation, a document can be signed reflecting the same. The document signed is typically referred to as a CR 2A.

The reference is to a specific rule, Washington State’s Superior Court Rule 2A. This rule binds the parties in a lawsuit to the agreement.

Washington State’s Superior Court Rule 2A states:

No agreement or consent between parties or attorneys in respect to the proceedings in a case, the purport of which is disputed, will be regarded by the court unless the same shall have been made and assented to in open court on the record, or entered in the minutes, or unless the evidence thereof shall be in writing and subscribed to by the attorneys denying the same.

Remember, after the parties reach and agreement and sign a CR 2A, changes, outside the terms that were agreed upon, are typically not possible, except in limited situations.