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Seattle Divorce – COVID-19

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The coronavirus pandemic has forced all aspects of society to make changes, however, filing for divorce is still possible. The process in King County is different, and aspects of the Court are limited. For example, King County Superior Court has limited Family Law Motions to  emergency motions only. Emergency matters are defined as:

  • Domestic Violence Protection Order hearings
  • Motions for temporary restraining orders where personal safety is at issue
  • Motions necessary to protect a child from physical or serious emotional harm or to prevent child abduction
  • Motions and child support trials by affidavit where a person’s basic financial survival is at issue (i.e., ability to maintain housing, basic necessities, and critical health care) or post-secondary (college) support is at issue and there are deadlines that cannot be moved
  • Return on Warrant hearings
  • Petitions for Writs of Habeas Corpus and returns where there is a risk of abduction or an imminent risk of harm to the child
  • Weapons Surrender Compliance Calendar
  • Emergency motions on parenting issues where the health or safety of a child or adult is at risk due to COVID-19
  • Emancipation proceedings where the petitioner would be at risk of physical or serious emotional harm if the petition is not considered
  • Motions to Decide Parentage in surrogacy cases where a child has been born or birth is anticipated to occur in the next 30 days

While the process to file for divorce may be the same, the procedure and timeline may be different. As always, but more so now, speaking with an attorney may be beneficial to help you with the process.